Paradigm FestivalAugust 10 & 11


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A meeting ground for everyone who loves music, art and creativity in an open-minded environment. Paradigm not only organizes events, it’s also a place where you can be yourself and express yourself in a community with similar minded people. Paradigm doesn’t stand for intolerance or inequality and rather for unity and togetherness. Paradigm is a feeling.

What does volunteering at Paradigm entail?

Paradigm’s beating heart are its volunteers. Without them, Paradigm simply wouldn’t exist like it does today. You’ll be part of a crew filled with enthusiasts who commit themselves to their role within the community. There are those who help before and after events through (de-)construction work, those who occupy several work stations (bar, ticketscan, etc.) during the events and those who pledge themselves to everything that happens outside our visiting hours by maintaining the terrain or work on a specific project. Working as a volunteer does come with responsibilities towards the crew and organization, which is why it’s important for us to push the allure to volunteer by creating short and engaging work shifts with a fitting reward to boot. We’re also always open to new ideas and innovations anyone in our crew might have. We strive to be an organization who is loyal to anyone affiliated through transparency. Let us know every time you feel this isn’t the case!


We, as Paradigm, are really fond of all of our volunteers and we want to reward them properly and appropriately. First of all, being part of the Paradigm Family is great in itself! You’ll meet an ever-expanding group of like-minded people during every event we organize. We also like to throw several events every year just for our volunteers to enable them to bring new ideas to the table and/or to simply party and have fun! Other rewards might be a free ticket for a specific event and/or a bundle of drinking tokens. You might even have a new or better idea about our reward system! Like we said, we encourage our volunteers to think about these topics together with us!

How do you become a volunteer?

We use a system called “Beeple”, which enables us to quickly create working rosters, assign rewards, prepare evaluations through data reports or to easily reach out to any volunteer in our database. You can sign up through Beeple by clicking HERE. Everyone can see the events for which we’re still understaffed and you can pick your own working shifts. By choosing multiple shifts and letting us know which shift(s) you like best, we try to accommodate everyone’s wishes to the best of our ability. You’ll receive an email update with the final version once the roster has been filled, as well as find it in Beeple!

The Psyclean Crew

This year you also have the opportunity to join The Psyclean Crew on their mission here at Paradigm Festival. The team of Psyclean is responsible for the whole garbage management effort on the festival. By applying their unique methods and practices they will create a Paradigm Festival without visible garbage at all times. You can visit their website ( and learn more about the project and benefits. If you would like to become a part of the Crew, please click here.

Please send any questions or remarks you have about volunteering to [email protected]

Much love,

Team Paradigm