Paradigm FestivalAugust 10 & 11

House rules

Breaking our house- and behaviour rules will lead to removal of the festival grounds.

• We enforce a zero tolerance policy during the festival.

• The minimum age for the festival is 18 years. Identification is mandatory (using a fake ID will be reported to the police)

• When entering the festival terrain, it’s possible that you’ll be searched. You can choose to be searched by someone of your own gender. Communicate this to the security.

• Drugs are forbidden on the festival grounds. When any drugs are encountered on your person, it will be reported to the police.

• It’s prohibited to bring your own drinks and food to the festival terrain.

• The organisation will reserve the right to decline entrance and/or remove anyone from the festival grounds. • When intimidation or any other form of aggression is detected, the aggressor will always be removed from the festival area.

• Racism and discrimination in any form is strictly prohibited.

• It’s forbidden to bring the following items to the festival: hard drugs, spray cans and other liquids, fireworks, glass, weapons and other hazardous objects (these will be reported and seized) professional equipment made for recording and shooting photos, videos and audio for commercial purposes without permission of the organisation. • It’s prohibited to do business without the consent of the organisation.

• The organisation, as well as the people that work for it, are not responsible for any injuries or materialistic damages that visitors of the festival might sustain. This goes for the terrain and any areas surrounding it.

• Rent a locker at your own risk. The organization is not reliable for any loss or theft of personal possessions.

• Everyone that enters the festival area automatically agrees to be filmed and/or photographed. In the event of a calamity, the organisation will be able to show these images to third parties. The same footage might also be used for promotional use on the website.

• Loud music might result in damage to your ears. The organisation doesn’t assume any form of responsibility for any negative effects to anyone’s hearing.

• Dogs aren’t allowed on the terrain. These conditions can be found on the website as well as on the festival terrain. When you have any questions, you may direct them to the organisation. When situations arise that don’t apply to the stated rules, the organisation and security will reserve the right to take action in any way they see fit.