Paradigm FestivalAugust 14 & 15


The 9th edition of Paradigm Festival will take place on 9, 10 and 11 August. We are proud to say that Paradigm Festival has become known as on of the most versatile and innovative electronic music festival of The Netherlands. Aside from the international appreciated techno- and house artists, there will be a lot of space for creativity. This is a really important aspect which makes Paradigm different in comparison to a lot of other festivals. We are a collective of non-conformists who want to transform the current club- and festival feeling into a complete unique experience.

We would like to share all the info you need to know about Paradigm Festival 2018. Don’t forget to check out the house rules.



Friday 10 August day ticket: valid from 16:00 – 00:00.
Friday 10 August night ticket: valid from 00:00 – close.
Saturday 11 August day ticket: valid from 12:00 – 00:00.
Saturday 11 August night ticket: valid from 00:00 – close.
Sunday 12 August day ticket: 13:00 – 23:00.
Sunday 12 August night ticket: 23:00 – close.

A weekend ticket grants you entrance to the full weekend (all days and nights).

Camping ticket: valid from Friday 10 August 10.00 – Tuesday 14 August 12.00 (one ticket is for one person).



We have our own parking lot. An easy way to reach the festival terrain is to go to the following address: Johan van Zwedenlaan, Groningen. From here on out you can follow the signs!

Are you coming by bike, taxi or going to walk? The actual address is Energieweg 10. Follow the instructions of the traffic guard.

It’s possible to reach the terrain by bus. By hopping on Line 8, you can reach bus stop “Atoomweg”. Check the following link for more information regarding public transport:



If you have any questions, please go to our Info point at the entrance. This is also the centre point where we gather all of our lost and found objects.



We love our terrain and everyone on it! Could you help us keep it tidy? When you hand in 25 deflated balloons or 25 empty cups at the collection points* you’ll receive a token for your effort!

* Mainstage, near the Clubstage, next to the Dome bar.



Food and drinks are only available through Paradigm Festival 2018 tokens. You can buy these at the cash desks on the terrain. You can also can buy day tickets, tickets for the various after-parties and camping tickets here as well (unless they are sold out). You can also buy earplugs at the appropriate cash desks.



Paying with your card has our preference and it’s faster!



There will be lockers available on the festival terrain.

€7 per day

€15 weekender

Did you buy a locker ticket online? Go to the locker-desk. They will help you with that.



You can bring large bags (rucksacks etc.) to the festival terrain but you have to put them in one of our festival lockers. You can’t enter the festival terrain with it. You can obviously bring it to the camping area.



During our festival, travellers might also need a place to rest and relax. That’s why, during Paradigm Festival, you’ll see the return of a camping ground with several facilities, like toilets and hot showers! Click here for more info!



You can only leave and come back during the festival if you got a weekend ticket or a camping ticket. This is NOT applicable for day ticket holders.



There will be First Aid workers present during the festival. You can see their HQ on the festival map. First Aid workers will also be present at the inside venues throughout the nights.



You can use our own bio-friendly eco-toilets for free. There are also a couple dixie’s available which you can use for free. You also can visit our fancy toilet-unit for €2,- per day.



Please don’t throw your cigarettes on the floor. During this period of drought we have to be extra vigilant.

You can get yourself a cigarette tube at the info point and use it to store your stubs and ash. You can keep this on your person and empty it in one of our many trash cans to keep our terrain as clean as possible.

Stay hydraded and put on sunscreen (available at the first aid).



It’s possible to buy cigarettes on the festival terrain.



It is possible to charge your phone at the festival site.



Stimulate your counsiousness! This years chillout on the Paradigm Festival hosts some special guests, acts, presentations, workshops and other new things to experience. Like traditional Syrien food, workshop beatbox, moving mindful, go to the theater, be captured by ambient soundscapes and many more. In this area the Electronic Music Society (EMS) hosts three different stages: EMS Portal, EMS Tent and EMS Ground, all filled with an awareness based programm to stimulate you counsiousness. Also together with Groningen Verwelkomt the EMS looks to find out more about the new citizens in our society. Who are those people and what do they do? Click here to find out what EMS has to offer!


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