Paradigm FestivalAugust 7, 8 & 9

Should I print my ticket?

We advice you to definitely print your tickets or download your tickets on your phone beforehand (and turn the screen brightness on its highest), as we can’t guarantee steady 4G connection at the festival site.

What kind of tickets are there and what are the opening times?

Friday DAY (valid from 16:00 – 00:00)
Friday NIGHT (valid from 00:00 – 08.00)
Saturday DAY (valid from 12.00 – 00:00)
Saturday NIGHT (valid from 00:00 – 08.00)
Sunday DAY (valid from 13.00 – 23.00)
Sunday NIGHT: (valid from 23.00 – 07.00 (±))

A Weekend Ticket grants you entrance to the full weekend (all days and nights).

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

If the name on the ticket you have is not yours, don’t worry. It’s not necessary to have you name on the ticket. Please note though that we can not offer assistance with (invalid) tickets bought second hand and we can only guarantee access with tickets that are directly both via our channels.

Will there be tickets available at the door?

If certain days and/or nights aren’t sold out in pre-sale, you will be able to buy tickets at the entrance. If you’re already on the festival terrain, you are able to buy tickets at our cash desks.