Paradigm FestivalAugust 7, 8 & 9


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Go here to find out which facilities are available.

The campsite rules can be found here.

We have our own parking lot. An easy way to reach the festival terrain is to go to the following address: Johan van Zwedenlaan, Groningen. From here on out you can follow the signs! After you’ve signed in at the front desk, you can find a spot at the campsite.

Are you coming by bike, taxi or going to walk? The actual address is Energieweg 10. Follow the instructions of the traffic guard.

Drinks, food and payment options

Pin + Paradigm Card:
1.) You can only use your pin/debit card at the bar.
2.) You can also deposit cash on a special Paradigm prepaid card, which will be available at the cash decks.
3.) Each prepaid card has a unique QR code. You’re able to check your balance by scanning the QR code from your card.

We throw away 200.000 plastic cups each year. That’s something we don’t want to do anymore. From now on, we’ll only serve drinks in hard cups. Our goal is to get rid of the water bottles. We were aiming for Paradigm Festival 2019, but we need more time to perfect the process.

Here’s some information on how this will work during Paradigm Festival 2019:
1.) The first time you order something at the bar, you’ll be required to pay a one-time €1,- deposit fee for your hard cup or water bottle.
2.) Don’t want to keep your cup or bottle with you all the time? You can hand it in at the bar and receive a green cup token (old Paradigm tokens we used as food-tokens in the past).
3.) You can hand in the green cup token whenever you order next. You will then receive your drink in a fresh and clean hard cup or a new water bottle!
4.) Did you lose your cup or bottle? Then you have to pay another €1,- deposit fee for a new one.
5.) You can take either the hard cup or green cup token with you when the event is finished, or leave it at the nearest bar.
6.) The green cup token may be handed in for a hard cup during the next event (next day or night).
7.) You may collect cups and bottles, hand them in and receive a €1,- discount for each one on your order! The discounted amount can never exceed the order amount, which means you can’t get a cash-back.
8.) You can take the hard cup or bottle with you to the night events during Paradigm Festival 2019.


You can, but please do contact [email protected] and we will discuss the procedure for this with you.


  • The minimum age for the festival is 18 years. A valid ID is required to enter the premises (use of a false ID is reported to the police).
  • You will be searched when entering the festival grounds. You can choose to be searched by your own sex, if you so require.
  • Drugs are prohibited on the festival terrain. Upon finding any, a report will be made to the police. A ‘zero tolerance’ policy is in effect during the festival.
  • It’s not allowed to bring your own food/drinks. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons.
  • The organization keeps the right to deny entrance or remove anyone from the terrain they see fit.
  • Whenever any form of intimidation or aggression is encountered, appropriate action will be taken to remove the responsible party from the festival.
  • Any form of racism and/or discrimination is prohibited. Expressing this in any way is taken very seriously and will result in removal from the festival terrain.
  • It’s prohibited to take the following items to the event: hard drugs, spray bottles and similar fluids, fireworks, glass, (fire)arms and other dangerous items with the risk of being reported to the authorities, professional equipment for the purpose of recording images or audio for commercial purposes without permission by the organization.
  • It’s strictly prohibited to trade anything in and around the festival terrain without the organization’s permission.
  • The organization and the crew can’t be held accountable for any injury or material damage visitors may experience during the event, neither inside nor outside the premises.
  • Renting a locker is entirely at your own risk. The organization can’t be held accountable for any losses, theft or otherwise missing personal items.
  • Everyone visiting the festival automatically agrees they’ll be recorded. In the event of an emergency, these recordings can be shown to third parties and recordings may be published on the website for promotional purposes.
  • Loud music can result in hearing damage. The organization can’t be held accountable for any aforementioned damage that might occur as a result.
  • Animals aren’t allowed on the terrain for their own sake.

Location, parking & route

At the Paradigm Festival terrain and Het Zeefgebouw, which is located on the same terrain. Our address is Energieweg 10/Suikerlaan 2, Groningen.

The address is Energieweg 10. Park your bike in front of the bridge, walk across the bridge and you will find the entrance without any problems.

Are you coming by car? Then please read the following instructions:

The Paradigm Festival parking lot isn’t on the festival terrain itself this year, but is situated at P2. To reach this area, drive to Parkeer Eiland Gasunie, Concourslaan 9727, Groningen. Our Parking Shuttle service will be €15 (per car) and will be manned 24 hours a day. The shuttle service will deliver you from and to our festival terrain. Follow the signing to find boarding locations.

Shuttle roster Friday:

16.00 – 01.00 

05.00 – 09.00

Shuttle roster Saturday:

12.00 – 09.00

Shuttle roster Sunday:

13.00 – 24.00 

04.00 – 08.00

* This doesn’t apply to our campsite guests.

** It’s prohibited to sleep on the parking lot.


Yes, there will be elockers! You can get one for the entire weekend for just €15,-. Would you rather get one for a day or night? Then you’ll be able to get a code for one locker, which will be valid until 10 AM the following morning. These lockers will all automatically open after 10 AM. You can get one of these lockers for €7,-.


Reselling Weekend wristbands or Weekend tickets, which have already been scanned, isn’t allowed.

Did you check your spam folder? Your tickets might’ve ended up there! You can also re-download your ticket by clicking here!

Once you’ve entered the terrain, you can leave anytime, but re-entry won’t be possible. This does doesn’t apply to Weekenders.

We advice you to definitely print your tickets or download your tickets on your phone beforehand (and turn the screen brightness on its highest), as we can’t guarantee steady 4G connection at the festival site.

Friday DAY (valid from 16:00 – 00:00)
Friday NIGHT (valid from 00:00 – 08.00)
Saturday DAY (valid from 12.00 – 00:00)
Saturday NIGHT (valid from 00:00 – 08.00)
Sunday DAY (valid from 13.00 – 23.00)
Sunday NIGHT: (valid from 23.00 – 07.00 (±))

A Weekend Ticket grants you entrance to the full weekend (all days and nights).

Unfortunately, no. Our artists will test the wristbands this year. If it’s a success, we will do our best to bring them to everyone else next year. For more info click here!

Unfortunately, this is just not possible

If the name on the ticket you have is not yours, don’t worry. It’s not necessary to have you name on the ticket. Please note though that we can not offer assistance with (invalid) tickets bought second hand and we can only guarantee access with tickets that are directly both via our channels.

If certain days and/or nights aren’t sold out in pre-sale, you will be able to buy tickets at the entrance. If you’re already on the festival terrain, you are able to buy tickets at our cash desks.

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