Paradigm FestivalAugust 10 & 11

Camping rules

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What can’t I take?
It is not permitted to take the following objects with you: Aggregates, gas installations or large gas bottles (only small sized camping gas bottles (max. 190 grams)), ghetto blasters (exception for ordinary transistor radios), glass, more than 8 liters of drinks (total contents of all packaging (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)), torches, coal barbecues, professional photo and video equipment, wood, toxic, flammable or explosive materials, fireworks, flares, lamp oil, weapons, bicycles, laser pens, unmanned aerial vehicles (so-called UAV or Drones) and other dangerous objects. As mentioned above: you can bring your own food and drink (max. 8 litres) to the camping. However, you can’t take this to the festival grounds.

What can I take?
Disposables (eco-friendly), single-use barbecues (eco-friendly), hammers for tent pegs, flags and flagpoles.

Access age
There is a minimum of 18 years.

Access control
If unauthorized objects are found during the entry check, you are responsible for storing or disposing of these objects outside the festival grounds. There is no storage where banned objects can be stored temporarily. If it concerns legally prohibited items, they will be confiscated. Confiscated objects are not returned to the visitor. At the entrance to the site your luggage, car, caravan, camper can be examined for prohibited items such as drugs. The security also checks the visitors by means of superficial touch of clothing, bags, bags and sometimes shoes. It is also possible that the police search visitors. If these checks are refused, the visitor will no longer be granted access.

Alcohol and Smoking
To gain entrance to Paradigm Festival is from 18 years. The check for young visitors is therefore not required. At the request of the festival staff, security or other authorized persons, one must be able to some form of ID so that one’s age can be determined. Smoking at the festival is only permitted in the open air.

Annoying behavior
Carrying plants and furniture around is nice, but not allowed. The same applies to other annoying and/or aggressive behavior that does not contribute to the celebration. It is also prohibited to climb the festival tents and infrastructure.

Central barbecue area
There will be a central barbecue area at the campsite.

Closing and opening times
The campsite opens on Friday the 9th of August at 10:00 and closes on Tuesday the 13th at 12:00. 

It’s prohibited to trade goods, hand out flyers/samples at the festival terrain, campsites, parking lots, access roads and surrounding areas without explicit permission from the organization.

It is forbidden by law to have or trade with illegal substances such as drugs. The police and organization could search luggage, cars, caravans and campers because of this.

There aren’t any power sources at our campsite. We recommend bringing or acquiring a powerbank (you can get one on the festival terrain) to charge your phone throughout the weekend.

Always dangerous, especially with a full campsite with tents everywhere. Open flames are strictly prohibited at both the festival grounds as well as at the campsites. This also includes flares, coal barbecues, etc. Only single-use disposable barbecues are permitted.

The festival takes place on a beautiful terrain and we want to keep it that way during the festival. You can get a trash bag for the campsite when you go to the bracelet-stand. You can deposit full bags at the garbage points scattered throughout the campsite. You can also get new bags here. You’ll be able to find enough garbage bins at the festival terrain itself, so we can keep the terrain squeaky clean! The festival will utilize a prepaid payment system with hard plastic cups.

Gas bottles/installations
Only small sized camping gas bottles (max. 190 grams) are allowed. Gas installations are only permitted on MOT-approved campers. You’ll have to show the MOT inspection documents to get clearance.

Glass is taboo on the entire terrain, both for the festival as on the campsites. You can only bring 8 liters of drinks (total of the contents of all packages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) on arrival at the campsite. You are not allowed to bring drinks from the outside to the camping grounds if you already have a wristband.

Strictly prohibited. Whoever gets caught doing this will have to pay for the damage immediately and will be sent home.

Festival visitors must show both a valid ticket and a valid ID upon arrival. You’re also required to have an ID with you during the weekend on the festival grounds. The following identification documents are valid: driver’s license, passport and identity card.

Heavy medicines, food and liquids that are necessary because of an allergy or illness may only be admitted with a doctor’s statement.

They are not allowed for their own good. This goes for the campsite as well.

Photography / video and audio recordings
Filming is only allowed on the campsites, not on the festival site. Making sound recordings is prohibited. Only home-garden and kitchen cameras (no cameras with interchangeable lenses or SLR cameras) are permitted on both terrains. During the festival photos/video recordings of festival visitors can be taken for promotional purposes.

The entire terrain will be supervised by our security team. Nevertheless, we want to implore you to leave as many valuables you have at home and definitely don’t leave them in your car or tent. There will be lockers available at the festival entrance, so use that to secure your belongings.

Shower and toilets
There will be hot showers and toilets available on the terrain.

Generators, aggregates and music installations/ghetto blasters (exception for normal transistor radios) are not permitted, not even on the campsite.

The nearest supermarket is the Spar Supermarket. The location of the Spar is: Jacob van Ruysdaelstraat 18, Groningen.

Refilling e-smoker
Sealed refill packages for e-cigarettes are only allowed on the campsite with a maximum of 20 ml in total.

RV’s, caravans and tent trailers are allowed on the campsite (not to be used as transportation during the festival).”

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